We make stunning instruments of superb quality and playability. But the real question is… why?

Unlike NASA or Detroit, the guitar industry has never done the R&D needed to optimize the building of instruments. Some of the basic questions of tone science continue to go unanswered. The first 100 years of electric guitar building have seen great advances, but with a proper R&D budget, imagine how much more we can learn!

In an effort to design the finest instruments known to man, we have assembled some of the best minds in the guitar industry to decide: what are the key unanswered questions, and how exactly can we use science to get some definitive answers?

When you buy an instrument from Hü Tonelabs, you get so much more than an incredible guitar or bass.

We dedicate a significant portion of our profits to tone research. By purchasing from us, you help a hand-picked A-team of researchers to perfect the art and science of guitar building, ensuring that the guitars of the future will be better-sounding and (even) more fun to play!

We plan to share our findings: anyone who builds and / or plays guitars will benefit.

Hü Tonelabs also focuses a great deal of energy on providing increased access to musical instruments, music lessons, and practice / performance spaces for musicians.