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Instruments Currently Listed for Sale:

To reserve a specific guitar before someone else grabs it, be sure to put down (at least) a 50% deposit. Then call or message us to let us know what (if any) options you’d like to add.

Unlike most guitar companies, 90% of our orders involve some degree of customization. We like to speak with our customers before shipping to ensure that you get exactly what you want! We are a small company and  excellent customer service is a big priority. Ask us anything. Tell us exactly what pickups, hardware, or custom color you want, and we will do our best to make it happen quickly.

Custom Builds:

Certain models like the Büldog and Vülcano are currently only available as custom builds / built-to-order only. Any of our models can be built-to order with an unlimited range of options. Current wait time (from time of deposit to completion) for custom builds is five months.


Call us at (415) 802-5245 or email us using the form below.

Click here to access our  PayPal gateway. Thank you!


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