The Hollowcaster is part of the Flabbergaster Series. (Lots of people build “regular” Teles. Sorry, we don’t do normal: we enradden!)

HollowcasterThis is a small, nimble, semi-hollow with minimal center block and loud when unplugged. And who says there shouldn’t be TWO f-holes in a Thinline?

Hugh set out to build something that would sound like his 1967 Harmony Rebel except with more sustain and less feedback. He also wanted something with a great tremolo. He decided to keep the top flat and arch the bottom, which has given it surprising warmth and bass for its size. Lest it get too far from T territory, he used maple for the neck to provide snap and to accentuate the twang of the Duesenberg tremola.

Impossibly, it worked!!


  • Top is flat, back is arched.
  • Color: Eurojeans
  • Body wood: African mahogany center block, solid flamed maple back, sides and top
  • Neck: maple
  • Fingerboard: compound radius rosewood
  • Scale: 25.5
  • Bridge: Half-ashtray, notched
  • Duesenberg short-frame tremola
  • Wilkinson locking tuners
  • Pickups: Neck, Dominger P90; Bridge, Dominger PAF style
  • 5-way Switch (out of phase, split-bridge + neck, plus the usual 3 choices)
  • 2 Volume knobs, 2 Tone knobs
  • PLEK’d and set up to your preferred specs by Gary Brawer, master tech (optional)

Special Order / Custom

$3499, $3699 with tremolo