vulcano guitarVulcano dog earVülcano is one of Hugh’s favorite new builds. As far as he can tell, his design was inspired by a half-cocked wah dog ear (as pictured here) and maybe one too many Star Trek episodes (1st gen. only, of course).

This mean little axe is light and small, but you’d never know: gobs of tone oozing from every pore. Fun and nimble, it’s like a rock-n-roll Frisbee (but please refrain from throwing it).

The dog’s-ear shape presents an added benefit: a built-in handle that just so happens to be at the exact balance point.



The Vülcano headstock.


  • Body Wood: African mahogany / solid flamed maple
  • Color: Antique Clear
  • Neck: bolt-on maple
  • Fingerboard: compound radius ebony
  • Scale: 25.5
  • Wilkinson VS-100 tremolo
  • Wilkinson locking tuners
  • TV Jones Supertron pickups
  • Push-button switches for phase, series, and coil split
  • 1 Volume knob, 1 Tone knob


  • $3799 (as shown)
  • +$199 (optional) PLEK’d and set up to your preferred specs by Gary Brawer, master tech (optional)

Special Order / Custom

vulcano guitar

“I just played the Vülcano in a rehearsal and man, I’m taking this thing on stage TONIGHT, it looks awesome and sounds like the devil too!”
— Frank Lee, lead guitar in Gristle Pork