We sell all manner of rare pickups, new and vintage. (Call with questions re: pricing / availability).

We design our own pickups to ensure that our guitars sound truly unique. You can get a Tele pickup anywhere, so we concentrate on other things. Like: Our Seth Lover-designed Mini Humbucker has not been made in 50 years! When there is cool stuff no one has touched in decades, you can bet we are ON it. Along the same lines: try our Teisco-inspired Square-Pole set if you are searching for a new sound.

If you prefer a true vintage experience, our pickup collection is encyclopedic / your options are endless. We have everything “weird”: NOS 60s deArmond moustache, 50s Kleenex / Kessel, Patent Sticker mini humbuckers, Lipstick, Speed Bump, Turn Signal, Square Pole, 50s Supro single coil, Hershey Bar, Gold Foil, you name it. All tested for tone, not just functionality.

If you would like us to install them on your new guitar, we can and will do it.

Hü Square Pole Single Coil

square pole pickups

A rethinking of the Teisco square pole pickups that were stock in 60’s “Monkey Grip” and “Sharkfin” guitars: we use Alnico 5 pole magnets in lieu of the massive ceramic magnets and “york rail” configuration of the original.

$77.00 each
$149.00 for a matched pair of 2 (neck is RWRP)

Neck 7.9
Bridge 9.8

Bright and clear. These things drive pedals like mad! Think strat pup on steroids. Crazy sustain and beefiness, these things refuse to get mushy even with a thick layer of fuzz. Bridge pup is as twangy / surfy as  it gets.

Fits mini humbucker route, mounts to body with screws and foam.

Adapter ring: (fits INSIDE P90 route) $10 each, available in black or cream.

Seth Lover / Chris Isaak / P19 / Sivertone Mini Humbuckers

seth lover silvertone mini humbuckersYes, Seth Lover invented another pickup!! Known for inventing the most iconic and most imitated of all humbuckers, the PAF, Seth Lover also invented the Fender wide-range humbucker, recognized by its 3+3 pole piece configuration. BUT he also invented a similar (3+3) Mini Humbucker in the mid 60s that has completely disappeared.

Until now! We convinced/ commissioned legendary winder / PAF auteur Lindy Fralin to help us rethink the original to make it even better.

We think you’ll agree: our version is even cooler / more luscious-sounding than the original, due to a few minor tweaks:

• they are no longer a matched pair. This works with p90s and full-sized humbuckers, but with minis it presents a problem: the bridge is a bit thin.


• bridge is wound +8%

• wire type and magnets have been tweaked.

• the non-pole-piece screws protrude from the bottom and can be adjusted for more of a single coil sound!

We even have cool adapter plates so you can fit these in a regular P90 route ($20 a pair, available in cream or black).

$160 each

$312 per pair (neck RWRP)