chupacabron tim mitchell
Tim Mitchell with the Chupacabron.

When we set out to build these guitars, we did it only for our own enjoyment.

It was later that the positive comments started flowing in.

“This is a freaking awesome guitar dude!!! I’m using it on a bunch of songs already.” — Tim Mitchell, of Shakira, speaking of the Chupacabron

Don’t miss Tim wailing on the Chupacabron with Shakira, coming to your area soon!

“I just played the Vülcano in a rehearsal and man, I’m taking this thing on stage TONIGHT, it looks awesome and sounds like the devil too!” — Frank Lee, lead guitar in Gristle Pork

“Holy crap!  The Homewrecker is dangerous! They might have to ban this thing, it sounds like it could bring down the f***ing building!” — Chuck Minchias, bass in ReL Chichiarron